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THE STORM SHALL PASS:  Maggie, a veterinarian, has been secretly stealing dogs from abusive owners...but the owners start turning up dead. The evidence, including her abusive childhood, starts painting Maggie as the killer. The detective on the case is torn between the facts and his attraction to his prime suspect. 

Deb Merino


I write suspense novels.

 I advocate for animals.

These tend to overlap.

​​SCRATCH LINE:  No one believes that a crime ring has infiltrated the local animal shelter—Except Sarah, a wealthy suburbanite volunteer, and Darryl, an ex-gang member working at the shelter. They are set on exposing it...but soon find themselves in the crosshairs of something even more deadly. Despite coming from opposite sides of the "tracks," they find they have more in common than they first thought. 

​Ink & Insights Top 10 Master Winners.

Romance Writer's of America Finalist:

Orange Rose, Marlene, Catherine, Cleveland Rocks,

Melody of Love, and Golden Rose contests.