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Deb Merino


THE STORM SHALL PASS:  Veterinarian Megan McBride's violent childhood haunts her. She secretly steals abused dogs, perhaps as a way to heal herself. She gladly puts her life in danger to help the helpless. But the abusive dog owners start turning up dead and she's the prime suspect. Megan fears the killer is someone close to her. Suspects include her staff and even Sam, her new boyfriend. But what she doesn't realize is—the killer is even closer. 

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I write suspense.

 I advocate for animals.

These tend to overlap.

​​Ink & Insights Top 10 Master Finalist

Pacific Northwest Writers' Association Finalist 
Romance Writers of America Finalist chapter contests:  Orange Rose, Marlene, Catherine, Cleveland Rocks, Melody of Love, The Writer/LERA and Golden Rose. 

​​SCRATCH LINE:  No one believes a crime ring has infiltrated the local animal shelter—Except Sarah, a wealthy young volunteer, and Darryl, an ex-gang member working at the shelter. They separately set out to expose the corruption...but soon find themselves in the crosshairs of something even more deadly. They'll have to trust each other to come out alive.